Every so often, any designer comes across a space that is challenging.  There could be various reasons for that, and it is our job to meet these challenges and turn the space into the best it can be.  With Copykatz, there were several challenges.  This space in Gateway was extremely dated, with awkward vents, different floor levels and a long, narrow layout that drew the eye to all of its very worst features.  To say we had our work cut out for us, is an understatement.

Luckily for us, Lindy, the owner, was as open-minded and easygoing as a client can be, and she allowed us the artistic freedom to come up with a design that radically changed the flow and feel of her shop.

We replaced the old, dysfunctional sliding shopfront with a modern, black aluminium and glass one, gave the floors a much needed makeover with concrete look porcelain tiles, and changed just about everything else.  We installed a ceiling, and painted it black to make it “disappear” and used directional spot lights on a track to provide much needed illumination and functionality to this busy print shop.  The awful front vent was covered by a beautiful slatted timber detail, turning it into an eye-catching feature of the space.

The new industrial feel of the shop was perfectly accented by a gorgeous Hertex wallpaper in a terracotta brick design, with pine and yellow pops of colour to keep the space warm and inviting.  Finally, we finished it off by adding beautiful, geometric pendant lights from our friends at Arkivio to the front desk, which sports a brand new, hand-made concrete top.

The space now feels fresh, inviting and planned, and we wish our friends at Copykatz only the very best in their new store!

You can see more picture from this project by visit our Portfolio page