Why Pinterest Interior Design Trends are dangerous


I am a complete Pinterest-addict.  I use it for “research” way more than I should.  It is a treasure trove of great ideas, but in the world of interior design, there are a few trends to watch out for.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Unfortunately, what happens on Pinterest very rarely stays there.  The same Pinterest interior design trends seem to pop up on our newsfeeds over and over, and it’s super tempting to try and recreate that amazing aesthetic in our own homes.

Before we get into this, I’d like to stress that none of the ideas I’m about to mention are automatically bad, but what IS true is that they all can be dangerous.




First up, we have specialty finishes on hardware.  You can’t search for “bathrooms” on pinterest without finding taps and shower roses in all sorts of unusual metals and finishes.  Whilst I myself have used Matte Black or Antique Brass finishes in homes, it is a trend that requires careful thinking.  In the right setting and for the right person, Matte Black Taps can be inspired.  However, the people who so enthusiastically installed Rose Gold Taps two years ago, are probably kicking themselves already.  Trends come and go, and never more so than with hardware.  Specialty finishes can be expensive to install, hard to maintain and date your bathroom really quickly if you’re not careful.



Rose Gold Mixer & Spout Meir

Wall Mixer and Spout in Rose Gold by Meir. If you love it, you can find it at Richmond’s Plumbing. 


There’s a huge movement to create a cupboard for absolutely everything from your printer to your scrapbooking supplies.  In theory, this is awesome.  In practice, however, this can lead to a lot of regrets.  Creating a cabinet that houses your printer perfectly, for instance, works wonderfully while that specific printer works.  What happens when you have to replace it?  Will the new printer fit in the same space?  Will you even still need a scrapbooking cupboard three years from now?  Storage is super important in any home, but well-planned, multifunctional is always better than anything too specific.

Custom Printer Cabinet design

It sounds good in theory, but going too specific with storage could lead to heartache.


Ah,  that super gorgeous, simple and stylish open shelving in the perfect Pinterest Kitchen.  WATCH OUT!! This is a trap.  Save yourself now!

When I style a house, guess what takes me the longest?  STYLING AN OPEN SHELF.  It’s not an “organic, chuck everything on randomly and it will look great” kind of process.  It takes a real eye for design, a lot of patience and time to get a shelf to look decorative, stylish and uncluttered.  In the average kitchen, items get used on a daily basis, so your shelves will end up messy, with no way to hide the clutter.  Not only that, but open shelves are notorious dust-collectors… not ideal for kitchen items.

Open Shelf in Kitchen Interior design Trends

Aesthetically Pleasing Shelves don’t happen by themselves. Getting them to look stylish is very hard work!




Use Pinterest, if you must, but find out what general design style appeals to you. Each home should have flow and continuity, and the easiest  way to achieve this is by figuring out your personal aesthetic and sticking to it.

Searching for Interior Design Trends

Spend some time researching, so you can define your own personal design aesthetic.


Decide what you want your space to look and feel like before you make even the smallest change.  We often buy interior décor items on impulse, and then end up making expensive mistakes.  If you have a plan you are working towards, you can eliminate this.  Putting together an inspiration board is a great way to keep on track.


Moodboards are a great way to define your vision


When you select things for your home, keep in mind that you might not live there forever. Especially when it comes to finishes or more permanent changes to your home, try and select things that would appeal to a prospective buyer.  Personality is great, but limit it to things that are easily changed or replaced.

Real Estate

Consider future buyers when picking permanent design items for your home!


The cheapest, best way to decorate and avoid costly mistakes is to call in the professionals. The correct interior designer will guide you and save you a ton of money.  Interior Designers are trained to make decisions for your interior that will stand the test of time but also reflect your personality.  The end result should be a space that you love without any of the headaches of doing it yourself.

Interior Designer

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