Why an Interior Designer is a Necessity, not a Luxury!

We have over a decade of experience in creating amazing spaces.   One of the questions we are most often asked is, “Why should I hire an Interior Designer?”

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In an era where online shopping and DIY “How To” manuals reign supreme, it’s no wonder that homeowners question the value of a designer.  We are all exposed to decor inspiration daily.  It’s tempting to think that we can attempt to do it ourselves.  The secret, however, is that the last finishing touches on a decor project are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are a million details to consider, and hiring a professional will ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes.

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Saving you Time

Interior Designers are not only for the wealthy.  You will save money by using someone who understands how spaces flow together, how to select the correct fittings and how placing furniture affects how you live in a space.  They know the industry well and know exactly where to shop to get that champagne look on a beer budget.

Interior Designers spend thousands of hours researching the latest products, techniques, and trends.  We perfect our craft, which means we can find in 10 minutes what would probably have taken you 20 hours.

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Saving you Money

Interior Designers are trained to keep a close eye on expenditure and make sure that you keep to your budget.  What often happens during a project is that small, seemingly insignificant extra costs stack up really quickly.  Clients get asked a million questions and are quick to make on the spot decisions without being aware of the possible cost implications of those decisions.  Service Providers are also notorious for being slow to mention that minor changes could be expensive.

A designer’s job is to advise you on how small decisions might impact your cost.  They are experts at finding ways to keep additional expenses to a minimum and their priority is to keep you apprised of anything that might cost you money you didn’t plan on spending.


Keeping you Inspired

After months of planning a project, the excitement inevitably starts wearing off. You hit a slump, where every decision feels overwhelming.  Your interior designer is your very own cheerleader.  They will help you visualize the finished space and smooth the way during the process.

Not only that, but your builder, electrician, and plumber are all human.  Mistakes will be made.  The interior designer’s job is to spot those mistakes early and to make sure they are rectified quickly and painlessly.  They will deal with the difficult contractors and snags, so you don’t have to.  Your interior designer is a knowledgeable ally who can be trusted to have your best interests at heart.

Starting a project with a complete design team (architect, interior designer, contractor) will eliminate a lot of headaches down the line.  Hiring a designer will make the process a lot less stressful, cheaper and a lot more fun.

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If you’d like help with your next project, CONTACT US.  If you are curious about how Interior Designers charge, a good source is available here.